Why Our Travel Checklist?

our travel checklist

About to head off on a trip? Preparation is essential for outdoor adventures. Check out our travel checklist, make your own packing list and be ready to explore the beauty of this planet.

Why Our Travel Checklist?

Why did we create this page? Answer is really simple. We created this site to help you organize better your adventures.

We try to give you everything from the essential travel checklists, gear reviews, road trip tips and camping inspirations. You’ll get even more 😉 Our goal is to bring you the best the outdoors has to offer.

We’ll show you how to make preparations for the easier trip. Our Travel Checklist will help you decide what to pack for your adventures. You’ll be ready to hit the road with a free mind and the journey will be more enjoyable.

What we’ve got for you?

  • essential travel checklist for different kinds of journey
  • plenty outdoor gear to keep you comfortable
  • best road trip tips
  • best road trip ideas
  • where to travel ideas
  • best places to stay

So if you adore exploring the world by car or motorbike, being close to nature during hiking or camping, stay with us – this page is just for you.

Our story

We are passionate about traveling, just like you 😉 We love hitting the road on a motorbike, car or by foot.

Here, on this page we want to share with you our travel experience and our own point of view on trip essentials.

We love waking up in a tent surrounded by the beauty of the nature, discovering scenic roads on our motorbike, exploring gorgeous places and staring at the wonderful landscapes, making memories of a lifetime.

Remember one thing – preparation is essential for outdoor adventures but at the same time don’t forget to enjoy every moment of the trip and allow yourself for spontaneity because it often makes the best memories.

Make your travel checklist. Get the gear. Hit the road!

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