Camping in The Rain. Best Tips and Gadgets

camping in the rain

Hey! Don’t let the rain ruin your camping trip. Wet weather doesn’t have to spell the end of a journey if you’re well-prepared. Below you’ll find few useful tips and gadgets for camping in the rain.

Have you ever camped in the rain? We have. What is more, it seems like there’s something in us what makes that rain is always where we are 😅

We were driving the spectacular Romanian Transalpina road (DN67C) by motorbike in the rain. And I don’t mean a sun shower. I mean persisting rainstorm, which made the visibility dropped to few meters. That night we slept in the tent, so you can imagine that it wasn’t the most comfortable overnight stay.

Camping in the rain

Another time we spent the rainy night in the tent on the wild spot somewhere in Austria. We were camping in the Dolomites during the heavy rain. We’ve got much more memories like this but I don’t want to bore you with the details. You can believe me, we are experienced in traveling, driving or sleeping in the tent while raining.

So, rain happens — during our trips very often 😑 Below we share with you our travel checklist with the tips and the must-have gears for camping in the rain.

Rainy camping checklist

  • Spend comfortable night in a waterproof tent

camping in the rain

There’s nothing worse than water coming inside your tent especially when you are tired after all day trip and try to fall asleep. We have already tested many tents and now we are using the Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent. Big enough for two people and baggage inside two vestibules. Due to its compact size and lightweight (about 5 lbs), this tent is perfect for our backpacking travels. Quality of materials is really high, poles and stakes are made of aluminum alloy which are lighter than metal ones. Waterproof fabric up to 5000mm water pressure — high enough even for heavy rains.


  • Set up a rain-free outdoor space with tarps

It will increase comfort of your stay. We use the OAV Hammock Tarp – this model is quite big and also lightweight (less than 2 lbs). You can cook and chill out beneath during the heavy rain. We always install the tarp at first and then prepare the tent underneath in dry area.


  • Protect yourself and wear waterproof rain jacket

camping in the rain

For many years I was using only Columbia jackets. Now my model is the Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket. It’s waterproof and breathable at the same time, what was the most important for me.


  • Protect your stuff

Overnight stay in the tent is just the beginning of your trip? Are you going to discover new places but next day the rain still doesn’t stop falling? You need something that will keep your backpack and all the stuff inside dry – the rain cover. Some backpacks have this solution included, some not. What about yours?  If you still don’t have it, try the Mountainsmith Backpack Rain Cover. It’s made by waterproof nylon fabric and it’s available in different sizes.


For better protection of your electronics or documents — use waterproof dry bag. You won’t waste your most valuable things during the trip. We’ve got the Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag 10 liters. We keep the passports, camera and other fragile things like postcards inside our main backpack. It has also phone case included.


When you’re planning the backpacking trip

camping in the rain

Are you a backpacker? Planning the trip to country with humid climate? Why not to protect more than only electronics and documents inside dry bag? This solution could be really comfortable and it’s 100% waterproof. Your clothes wouldn’t become wet in any weather conditions. During our last motorcycle trip we were using the Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag as a rollbag at the back of our moto. It was easy to carry it and our things were well protected from the water and the humidity. This backpack is fully floating so you can take it on a kayak or on a beach for example.


When you travel by motorcycle

Are you traveling on a motorcycle? If so, you exactly know the uncomfortable feeling when you have to sit on a wet seat. Don’t forget to protect it for the night. We found solution dedicated for ourselves and also for you. Vuz Moto 12 Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent is a special tent with additional place for motorcycle. We have already tested it during our last moto trip through the Balkans. Spacious enough for motorcycle, two people, cases and much more stuff.


Pro tip

Are you a chilly person? Probably you’ll not be a fan of cool and rainy mornings. How to make them more pleasant? Before you fall asleep, pack tomorrow’s outfit into a breathable bag and put it into your sleeping bag. The warmth of your body will warm your clothes during the night.

What about yours must-haves for camping in the rain? Share your tips and favorite camping gears in the comment below.

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