Best Fall Destinations in Europe for Outdoor Adventurers

Best Fall Destinations in Europe vipava valley

We love this time of the year when the fall foliage colors emphasize the beauty of the nature. There are many scenic outdoor destinations in Europe which you should discover especially during the autumn months. Below you’ll find our TOP 3 – Best Fall Destinations in Europe for outdoor adventurers in 2018.


  1. Vipava Valley, Slovenia
  2. Lake Iseo, Lombardy, Italy
  3. Tatras, Tatra National Park, Poland

One thing I learned during our last autumn trips — the weather may change very quickly. Be ready for the sun and for the rain as well.

Here is a Camping in the rain checklist with useful tips and waterproof gadgets to make sure you have all the essentials ready.

VIPAVA VALLEY, SLOVENIA — for outdoor lovers and for vine lovers

It seems to me that the best time of the year to visit Slovenia is during the autumn months, when the colors of the nature emphasize its beauty.

Vipava Valley has never been our main point of the trip. As luck would have it, this year when we had been traveling through Slovenia, we found this amazing place.

To be honest, first we found just the campsite (it was evening and already dark) and until the following day we didn’t know exactly where we were. That was nice surprise to wake up in such picturesque surrounding.

Best Fall Destinations in Europe vipava valley

If you wonder what are the best things to do in Slovenia, here is the answer – visit Vipava Valley. Unique alternative to overcrowded destinations because travelers have not yet discovered the pleasures of this area. Surely you will not be bored there.

Vipava Valley offers:

  • hiking amongst the vineyards
  • picturesque biking trails
  • wine adventures

Best Fall Destinations in Europe vipava valley

LAKE ISEO, LOMBARDY, ITALY — lakeside beauty perfect for hikers

Italy is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations… I know it doesn’t sound very encouraging. Luckily in the autumn even the most popular places are less crowded what makes them even more impressive.

You can expect pleasant weather in Lombardy in October. Ideal for outdoor activities — still sunny but neither too hot nor too cold.

Lake Iseo is one of the Best Fall Destinations in Europe especially if you are a fan of outdoor adventure. You will surely love what surrounding offers.

Best Fall Destinations in Europe Lago Iseo

Trekking with a panoramic view

Last autumn we chose easy walk through the part of Ancient Valeriana Road surrounded by olive trees, vines, and figs. Next time we will try more difficult route because Lake Iseo is the point where many spectacular walks starts.

Picturesque cycle routes

There are many possibilities for those who love to explore new places on the bike. You can go on the easy ride along the lake shore or challenge yourself on the trail in the hills with breathtaking view over the whole of Lake Iseo.

Don’t worry — you don’t need your bike. There are many rental points of the city bikes or mountain bikes by the lake.

TATRAS, TATRA NATIONAL PARK, POLAND — gorgeous hiking trails

Best Fall Destinations in Europe vipava valley

The Tatra Mountains is a mountain range that forms the border between Poland and Slovakia — one of the most picturesque place in this part of Europe. It’s perfect autumn destination for those who wants to hike being close to the nature.

Whole area on both sides of the border belongs to national park so the environment is almost untouched by civilization. No roads, no cars only few cable ways and the mountain huts.

You will find there many natural attractions like valleys, mountain lakes (the most known is called “Morskie Oko” which means “Eye of the Sea”), caves, wild animals and almost 900 km of hiking trails.

Everyone can find a trail suitable for their experience. 

For most experienced hikers there is something special — trail “Orla Perć” which means “Eagle’s Path” has only 4,5 km but is considered the most difficult and dangerous mountain trail in the entire Tatras, leading through several peaks and traversing others.

On the way you’ll find numerous aids for hikers including chains, metal steps ladders and stepladders. Be very careful, almost 150 people died on this trail.

Best Fall Destinations in Europe

On the end we’ve got last tip for you — avoid the most popular places in the Tatra Mountains, better take an adventure and choose a bit more difficult trail where during the autumn probably you will not meet anyone on your way in the next few hours.


Visiting Europe in the autumn means less tourist and lower prices. So, what are you waiting for? Discover great outdoors in autumn colors!

Do you have more ideas for Best Fall Destinations in Europe for Outdoor Adventure?

Let us know in the comment below, we’d love to get to know your must-sees!

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