4 best road trip apps

best road trip apps

Hey, there! We’re just getting ready for a Balkan road trip, that inspired us to write about the best road trip apps.

Before we get to the apps, I just want to mention that we didn’t use to spend a lot of time on our phones during the travels. We always try to enjoy every moment of the trip, taking a break from the phone and being online.

We’ve chosen only the best apps, which are going to help you make the most of that travel adventure.

Best road trip apps

1. Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

If you don’t have enough time to make a solid research before you hit the road, this is the app for you. Just enter your destination – the Roadtrippers app will plan the road and help you discover amazing places nearby.

With Roadtrippers you can easily:

  • explore nearby places or trips
  • search plenty of places along your route
  • browse free travel guides and save itineraries
  • plan and share your itineraries with your travel mate

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2. Waze

What’s the best in the Waze? Using this app you can easily check out traffic conditions based on real-time information. You don’t have to worry about long traffic jams, accidents or even police on your way. What do you gain? You’re saving the time that you can spend much better than staying in traffic.

What do you get?

  • info about traffic jams, crushes, police alerts
  • info about the fastest route
  • live traffic updates


best road trip apps

3. RV Parky – Parks & Campgrounds

Are you hitting the road in your caravan? This app certainly should be on your travel checklist. It will help you find the best RV parks and stops along the way.

With this app you can easily find:

  • RV parks
  • campgrounds
  • rest areas
  • Walmarts
  • Camping Worlds

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4. Sky Map

The time when you are a bit tired of being on the run has come? Take a rest, find a comfy place to set up your tent and wait till the dusk comes. The sun has already down? Now, look for the best spot to observe the night sky and switch on the app Sky Map. You can easily identify stars, planets and more – I absolutely love it!


So, these four apps are always on our travel checklist when we decide to go somewhere by the car or motorcycle. I hope our list  will get you ready for a trip.

What do you think about our best road trip apps? Which one is your favorite?

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